The Silence of the Sea (Le Silence de la mer)

The Silence of the Sea (Le Silence de la mer) it is one of the most beautiful war films, a true masterpiece of art. Without a doubt, it is the best movie I have ever seen, congratulations to the actors and the director. It’s not usual for me to love a movie that much, it’s a soul deep touching, pure love. Only Europeans could create something like that. Americans only know how to create movies with fake superheroes, their films are devoid of substance, of real content. American productions in most cases they are full of vulgarity, they manipulate and create a false image of reality. For those who are upset at the tragic ending, look around. War is hell on earth, is the unimaginable cruelty, words are superfluous, we all know how bad a war is. Humanity must make efforts in one direction, the preservation of peace, not in the direction of an armed conflict.

Cast: Julie Delarme, Michel Galabru, Thomas Jouannet, Marie Bunel

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