The Judge (2014)

The Judge (2014) – An extraordinary drama but how realistic is she? Is that how things are in real life? I don’t think so. In Romania, always when involved in a criminal act is a politician, judge, police officer or any rich and influential person, automatically everything enters in the standard concealment procedure. Only peasants who do not have money or are not “generous” (do not offer bribes) end up in prison. I think corruption also exists in America but in a severe minority percentage, not like in Romania. A successful lawyer (Robert Downey Jr.) returns to his hometown where he finds out that his father, a heavy judge (Robert Duvall), is the main suspect in a controversial crime. He investigates the case and prepares an indestructible defense for his father.

Cast: Robert Duvall (Joseph Palmer), Robert Downey Jr. (Hank Palmer), Vera Farmiga (Samantha Powell)

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