The Campaign (2012)

Watch The Campaign with Will Ferrell online – Cam Brady is accustomed to life as a politician, after being elected four years in the U.S. Congress. Although it seemed to have experience in election campaigns, the truth is that Brady (Will Ferrell) has never competed with anyone for votes, simply because nobody never joined the race to be his opponent. After Brady made a major blunder in public, two wealthy businessmen decide to remove him from power so that they make a plan. In the last time it raced Marty Huggins, a man naive and unwary with a modest appearance that has no idea how the ropes in politics. As time went Marty turns, through perseverance and ambition, in a counter-candidate more strongly The Campaign is a great comedy with many phases extremely fun and a story that fits perfectly with what is happening in politics.

Cast: Will Ferrell (Brady), Zach Galifianakis (Martin Sylvester), Katherine LaNasa (Rose Brady)

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