The Bulldog Breed (1960)

The Bulldog Breed (1960) movie description and watch free online: Plot sees Wisdom as Norman Puckle, a hapless grocer’s assistant who is hopelessly in love with Marlene (Penny Morell). When she spurns his offer of marriage he attempts to commit suicide, but he proves to be inept at that as well. Finally settling on jumping off of “Lover’s Leap” as a sure fire way to die, he is saved at the last minute by a Naval Officer who seduces him with talk of life as a sailor, where the girls are plenty and life is totally great. Buying into it Norman enrols, but he quickly finds that it’s a tough life, that he is hopeless as a sailor and that the commander wants to fly him off into outer space!.

Cast: Norman Wisdom (Norman Puckle), Sheila Hancock (Doris), Claire Gordon (Peggy)

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