The Accused (1988)

The Accused (1988) – Most of the time, justice is injustice. Robbers, thieves and rapists go unpunished or receive symbolic punishments. The judiciary too often is not perceived as trustworthy. When justice is trampled on even by judges and lawyers, chaos sets in. The huge and obvious corruption of the judiciary creates dangerous precedents. An independent, modern, strong and lively woman (Jodie Foster) is raped in a group behind a neighborhood bar. But justice and a large part of society consider this woman only a drug user who was very drunk at the time of the rape. How many women are raped because they are considered just alcoholic women? Most of the time these women do not file a criminal complaint against the rapists.

Cast: Kelly McGillis (Kathryn Murphy), Jodie Foster (Sarah Tobias), Bernie Coulson (Ken Joyce)

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