Rider on the Rain (1970)

Rider on the Rain (1970) or Le Passager de la pluie – A young woman is raped by a masked man but manages to kill him and get rid of the body. An investigator, Colonel Harry Dobbs (Charles Bronson), appears shortly after. But she does not want to confess the crime. Charles Bronson and Marlene Jobert make an inspired film couple … ah, and in the background, Jill Ireland, Bronson’s wife.

Cast: Charles Bronson (Colonel Harry Dobbs), Jill Ireland (Nicole), Marlène Jobert (Melancolie Mau), Gabriele Tinti (Tony Mau), Jean Gaven (Inspector Toussaint), Jean Piat, (M. Armand), Corinne Marchand (Tania), Annie Cordy (Juliette), Ellen Bahl (Madeleine Legauff), Steve Eckardt (U.S. officer), Marika Green (Hostess at Tania’s), Yves Massard (Armand’s Henchman), Marc Mazza

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