On the Beat (1962)

On the Beat (1962) movie description, distribution and watch free online: Norman Wisdom tries his hand at yet another favorite environment with star comedians: police-work. On the whole, this is one of his better vehicles – with Norman once again in a dual role, as wannabe-policeman simpleton and Italian gangster covering as a hairstylist (whom, needless to say, the former ends up impersonating); the level of the gags is par for the course though the film is, ultimately, overlong (with the ‘good’ Norman predictably falling for – and sheltering – the gangster’s fleeing moll and a tendency towards gay jokes in the hairdressing scenes!). Still, all things considered, the film isn’t up to the standard of Laurel Hardy’s classic short THE MIDNIGHT PATROL (1933) – let alone the genius of Keaton’s COPS (1922) or Chaplin’s EASY STREET (1917)

Cast: Norman Wisdom (Norman), Jennifer Jayne (Rosanna), Raymond Huntley (Sir Ronald Ackroyd)

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