Lost Command (1966)

Lost Command (1966) – Someone said that this movie is a exposure of how most countries treated their Colonies. In another order of ideas he shows how many of us, even though it meant climbing to a mountain of corpses, we choose the most horrible path to success. Doesn’t the same happen nowadays? What does a war mean? Just a direct confrontation between armies? Of course not. War crimes, civilians killed, bombed residential areas, tortured people, all this happens during the war. In all wars, the military dies for the interests of a small class of people, for the interests of those who control financial empires. There is no point in talking about the fact that many of the military, how clearly this film tries to highlight, they’re just psychopaths from which has disappeared any trace of humanity.

Cast: Anthony Quinn, Alain Delon, George Segal, Michèle Morgan, Claudia Cardinale

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