L’Innocente (1976)

Laura Antonelli in L’Innocente (1976) – Some love stories are true dramas. I think this movie is not just about the decadence and immorality of the Italian aristocracy. The quality of society has deteriorated almost everywhere. The earth was filled with male and female whores. Now decadence knows no bounds. Of course without immoral people this situation would not be possible. With a reduced capacity or inability to have remorse and having reduced behavioral control, the bitch (which is of both genders, feminine or masculine) is just a stupid, conflicted and sinister animal. An immoral man denies the existence of moral laws and he has no rebukes of conscience. Of course he or she has nothing in common with the divinity.

Cast: Giancarlo Giannini, Laura Antonelli, Rina Morelli

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