Armored (2009)

Film Armored (2009) online free – Early morning, Ty Hackett (Columbus Short) is getting ready for work. He wakes up his younger brother, Jimmy (Andre Kinney), and tells him to get ready for high school. Ty is a war hero, having earned the Silver Star in Iraq. Both his parents recently died and left him with the mortgage and Jimmy to look out for. Ty is picked up by Mike Cochrane (Matt Dillon), and they carpool to work at the Eagle Shield Armored Truck Co.At work, the security team meets for the morning briefing with Chief Ashcroft (Fred Ward). They get their assignments and Ty, Mike and Baines (Laurence Fishburne) go to a bank. They pick up the money and on the way back, Baines notices a black van following them. The truck stalls in a small underpass and they have no radio reception due to the location. Mike says he smells sugar and they worry that someone has sabotaged the truck as they desperately try to restart it. Ty is in the back with the money and sees a black van speeding towards them. The van stops, and masked men get out and attach an explosive device on the back of the armored truck.

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