All Roads Lead to Rome (2015)

Sarah Jessica Parker in All Roads Lead to Rome (2015) – For some people, old age is something horrible. “Claudia Cardinale disappointed me,” says one who is obviously not very smart. Why did Claudia Cardinale disappoint you, because she is old now? Nobody stays young forever. In her time she was one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. In 1957, she won the “Most Beautiful Girl” contest in Tunisia, the prize she won was a trip to the Venice Film Festival. Thanks to this trip, she became one of the most famous and appreciated actresses. Maybe the role in this movie doesn’t represent her but the acting talent is obvious. Throughout his career he played roles alongside great actors, Alain Delon, Renato Salvatori, Annie Girardot, Omar Sharif, Marcello Mastroianni, Burt Lancaster, Robert Powell, Christopher Plummer, Laurence Olivier, etc. She was considered the feared rival of Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida.

Children under the age of 30 should refrain from making negative comments about her, Claudia Cardinale was a real sex symbol of the 60s, with a real acting talent. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of her life is the fact that she never resorted to cosmetic surgery, she chose to age naturally. The famous brunette has played in more than 175 films over time, and in 2017, she was the anniversary image of the Cannes Film Festival. “Claudia, you and spaghetti are Italy’s best invention,” said the famous actor David Niven.

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